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What exactly is Halo Hoops?  The original idea of Halo Hoops was to leverage the meaning of a Halo, which is a glow or ring of light around a head or person in art, and connect that to the related concept of a hoop.  So think a circle of light as it relates to technology, news, travel, and marketing.  Our idea is to shed a spotlight on news and information that we think will add value to your life and will provide some unique additional insights.  If you have anything to share we’d love to hear from you.

Triadex Card Mailers Introduces Environmentally Friendly Teslin Cards

Triadex Card Mailers now provides clients with the option to produce high quality plastic card mailers using Teslin substrate, an environmentally responsible choice. The environmentally friendly Teslin substrate is a durable and recyclable plastic with a number of very important eco-friendly characteristics.

“Teslin offers our customers an environmentally friendly version of our highly effective plastic card mailer.” said Ryan Mogged, National Sales Manager for Triadex, ” Combined with the tremendous ROI of our mailer, Triadex customers now have even more options to grow sales.”
Eco-friendly Teslin Plastic Cards Benefits

  • Strong and long lasting: Teslin substrate’s strength and durability help to conserve our earth’s resources with minimal environmental impact.
  • Forest-friendly: It won’t contribute to forest harvesting since it doesn’t contain any wood or cellulose-based materials.
  • Do not deplete the ozone layer: Teslin substrate does not include any ozone-depleting substances.
  • Recyclable: Park benches, industrial signs, and plastic lumber are some of the items made from recycled Teslin substrate. Primarily, it can be recycled into general use bulk plastics and is classified as a 7 (other resins or multi-resin polymers) using the voluntary container-coding system.
  • Safe for disposal: If disposed of instead of recycled, Teslin substrate will not leach into ground water from a landfill. It is also safe for incineration in conditions of excess oxygen, since it will only release water, CO2, energy, and clean ash (from silica filler which is derived from sand) when burned.
  • Non-toxic: Teslin substrate is non-toxic.
  • Manufactured with care: Teslin substrate is produced by PPG Industries, Inc. under strong corporate guidelines for minimizing waste and environmental compliance.
  • No heavy metals: PPG Industries, Inc. certifies that there are no heavy metals including lead, mercury, cadmium, or hexavalent chromium intentionally added to Teslin substrate, and also certifies that there are no measurable amounts of arsenic or antimony. It is fully compliant with the 1994 standards of CONEG, Coalition of Northeastern Governors’ Model Toxic Legislation, and the current Consumer Safety Specification on Toy Safety, ASTM F963-86 standard.

Ryan Mogged, Triadex National Sales Manager added, “Teslin is a great option for our environmentally conscious customers. It’s durable, effective, and eco-friendly.”

Triadex Card Mailers takes pride in making environmentally responsible choices without any compromise in our product’s durability, image, and effectiveness. Please contact us today to find out what else sets us apart.

Breast Density: What is it and why does it matter?

If you do not already know the status of your breast density, you soon will.  Beginning on January 1, 2013 radiology professionals  in New York State will be required to inform patients on their breast density when they have screening tests done, like an annual mammogram.  The law, which was passed in June 2012, makes New York the fourth state to adhere by these standards.  The legislation’s goal is to make women aware of their breast density so that they and their doctors can make informed decisions about breast cancer screening options.

Breasts are made up of a mixture of fibrous and glandular tissue and fatty tissue. High breast density is totally normal.   About 10% of the population will fall in the category of having highly dense breasts, another 10% will have high fatty tissue in their breasts and the rest will fall somewhere in between.

So why does breast density matter?   In breasts that are dense, cancer can be hard to see on a mammogram.   All women are still advised to first have a mammogram.  However, if you have highly dense breasts and other risk factors, such as a family history of breast cancer, your doctor may advise you to have additional screening performed.  Traditionally, this additional screening will simply involve an ultrasound, but MRI is another tool used.  The options for screening are best determined by you and your doctor, and by knowing your breast density you can now be proactive and have that conversation with your doctor.

For most women, learning you have dense breasts will not change your annual screening process, but talking with your radiologist and your doctor about all your options is always encouraged.  Having additional screening like an ultrasound is quick, painless and very available to women.  Ultimately, it works toward the goal of providing a more complete picture of your health for doctors to effectively screen for cancer.  Early detection has been repeatedly shown to dramatically increase the survivorship of women diagnosed with breast cancer.

While visiting us at Southtowns Radiology, if you are identified as having highly dense breasts you will be informed of this by the doctor.  You will also be provided with informational materials to explain breast density and what it means.  If the doctor recommends that you have additional screening done, you will likely be able to have that test completed in our office on the same day.  And as always, if you would like to speak directly to the radiologist about your tests and ask questions, you will have the opportunity to do that.  Our goal at Southtowns Radiology is to provide you with the best breast cancer screening that is right for you so that you can have peace of mind when leaving our office.

Originally published on Southtowns Radiology, the Buffalo Mammogram Leaders

Teen Sailing Camps

No matter what your interests, personality, or skill level may be, teen sailing camps offer teens the summer adventure of a lifetime.  Whether you have years of sailing experience, or are looking to learn how to sail for the first time, teen sailing camps provide teens the ideal opportunity to either acquire or perfect their sailing skills and techniques.  From the gorgeous tropical setting to the exciting training program to the committed sailing instructors, you can be sure that your teen sailing camp experience will be unforgettable.

Teen sailing camps offer teens a unique combination of learning, leadership training, community service, and other exciting activities.  Camp programs usually last for one week or could extend to several weeks.  Sailing camps are also typically designed to visit a variety of local areas in the Caribbean, including volcanic tropical islands, untouched reefs, and secluded coves and cays.

Rivet Rack for Industrial Warehouse Supply Management

Rivet racks are functional yet affordable storage systems that are able to accommodate a variety of storage needs.  Rivet racks, which are able to house 14 gallon units, are constructed of steel which enables them to be durable and heavy-duty.  Conveniently, no difficult assembly or devices are required to construct a rivet rack, with the only assembly being the snapping of the components into place.  Because the unit is open on all surrounding sides, stored material is available from any side.  Rivet racks are available in shelving units, bulk storage sections, single or double entry record storage sections, and tire storage sections.  Rivet racks are painted a gray varnish that promotes resilience and strength, and the pieces of the unit are protected by a formula that prevents rust.  It is optional whether you wish to purchase wire decking or particle board, and extra shelves can be bought separately.  FOB shipping point.

Rivet rack bulk storage units are specially designed to accommodate large, heavy stored material without compromising easy accessibility.  The size of these versatile bulk storage units vary from designated sizes to custom-made units.